The EEC Act and ALL European Treaties were voided on the 23rd of March 2001, but you didn’t realise.

Left to Right: Ashley Mote, Malcolm Wood, Lord Ashbourne (Signing) and Greg Lance-Watkins.

Did you know that the EEC ‘Act’ and ALL European Treaties were voided on the 23rd of March 2001 when Article 61 came back into force? Not only this, but foreign authority is illegal in Britain. We were never in the-then “common market” or the EU to begin with.

Article 61 (or the Enforcement Clause of the British people’s constitution), which was also used during the start of the Glorious Revolution in 1688, has not been revoked since it’s invocation in 2001. It is still in full legal force today, sixteen years later, but the (un)establishment has been covering it up.

Article 61 was invoked because a quorum of, originally, eighty plus peers, seen in 2000, the anti-constitutional threats which the Nice Treaty posed on the British peoples constitution. They did the right thing and followed protocol in defense of the realm acting in strict accordance with British constitutional law and legally deposed the Crown by forming a Barons’ constitutional Committee.

The recent referendum only aided and abetted a deposed (un)establishment administration, and “Brexit” is being used as a tool to, by stealth, hand over the UK Armed Forces to Brussels without any parliamentary process or debate whatsoever.

This means that all EU law has been null and void for sixteen years. However most of the public do not know this. Instead of the invocation of Article 61 being front page news at the time, which it should have been, it was buried in the newspaper in small print.

It has been legal for the people, according to constitutional law (Article 61), to “distress and distrain” the treasonous regime “in all ways” ever since it’s triggering in 2001.

You were illegally made an EU Citizen in 1992. And so was the Queen!

Until you swear the Article 61 Oath to defend YOUR constitution, customs and independence, you tacitly accept the status of an EU Citizen. Not only this, but whoever does not swear the Oath, at this time, is an outlaw who may be made to take the Oath “by command” by those who are lawfully engaged in diffidatio.

Have you sworn the Article 61 Oath? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Unfortunately, the Government avoid being prosecuted by installing unlawful no jury courts, nation wide.
    Every summons, and unlawful fine are endorsed by judges, perjuring their oaths of office, by sitting in these unlawful courts, which are operating illegally.

    • Correct, except they aren’t courts of law, as real courts of law started being taken away in 1848. As well as the fact that all so called modern ‘courts’ and ‘judges’ (etc) were ALL deposed of any authority whatsoever in 2001.

      The reqson why the (dis)establishment aren’t being prosecuted, is because the people are too apathetic or stupid. The people either restore the Rule of law (and thus courts of law to hear the treason matter in) or let your county die.

  2. I will sign if someone can instruct me how and where . I’ve seen the online instruction and can’t do it , I’m 73yrs and not PC smart so it’s difficult. I am very willing to swear this oath though but need a local person face to face to help

  3. I sworn on 10/10/16
    Lawful objections sent to
    T may acting pm
    Lord neuberger president of supreme court
    Lord Thomas the lord chief justice
    Jeremy wright attorney general
    Michael Barton chief constable of Durham
    Terry Collins ceo Durham council

    Lots of conditional acceptance sent.

  4. I didn’t nor did any of my 5 brothers abnd sisters. Probablt the majority of people in the UK never swore an oath. So where does that laeve us.

    • You can swear it now. Article 61 is still in force. Theres a difference between not knowing Article 61 was invoked and willingly refusing to swear the oath. Thanks you for the comment.

  5. How do I as an individual take the traitors to court. If that stupid mare can try to halt brexit surly I can take the government to court.
    I’m up for it.

  6. I think we need to get rid of both treasonous parties they have both been destroying our country since 1972 we need to force them out by all us Brexiteers banding together and using our majority vote to get For Britain in power, Ann Marie Waters is the only one who has the guts and conviction to get us back to British rule For Britain putting us in charge .I have been trying to send an E.Mail to David Davis but each time sent keeps being returned stating wrong E.Mail but I got it off the government site ,and I am in quite a few Brexit groups and since joining them I have been getting blocked by face book and had my twitter account closed .

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  1. ct and ALL European Treaties were voided on the 23rd of March 2001, but you didn’t realise. – Operation Beacon

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