SEDITION: Was it really abolished?

November 17, 2017 DTD UK 5

Sedition at Common law means to overt conduct such as speech and organization that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order. When in writing, it is seditious libel.

Article 61

September 19, 2017 DTD UK 2

[61] Since, moreover, for God and the betterment of our kingdom and for the better allaying of the discord that has arisen between us and […]

The (not so) Great Repeal Bill

September 13, 2017 DTD UK 15

The Great Repeal Bill will allow the (un)establishment’s ministers to illegally scrap any law which protects us, they have for some time been dumming down our police force by putting common purpose yes men in charge they have so reduced our armed forces and keep them fighting overseas to support one world government.

Edward Heath wasn’t only a paedophile

August 18, 2017 DTD UK 16

In what will likely turn into the largest pedophile bombshell in recent history, Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has finally been accused by the police chief as being a pedophile. His vile crimes against children were covered up by the (un)establishment.