POLL: Do you agree with the EU Military Unification of British Armed Forces?


Do YOU agree to the stealthy EU Military takeover and "unification" of the UK Armed Forces despite "Brexit" and with no debate nor public approval?
  • NO! It is TREASON. 100%, 9381 vote
    9381 vote 100%
    9381 vote - 100% of all votes
  • Yes. 0%, 17 votes
    17 votes
    17 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 9398
November 12, 2017 - December 31, 2017
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There are five main areas which the EU has been pursuing in order to establish what it calls
an ‘EU Defence Union’ across the 28 countries, including Britain.

1. Procurement policy and incentives.
2. Finance.
3. Intelligence, Battlegroups and PESCO.
4. UK defeat over HQ.
5. Contradicting statements over UK involvement.

So far since ‘Brexit’, the (un)establishment has agreed with the EU to:
● More power for the EU to enforce EU-wide tendering in defence contract;
● An expanding remit for the EU over defence industrial strategy and joint-built assets;
● An expanding remit for the EU in purchasing and conduct of joint-owned assets;
● Incentives for UK defence companies to engage long-term with the developing
EU-wide industrial strategy.

● The creation of the EU’s first central military budget, the European Defence Fund;
● The use of European Investment Bank money (16% UK shareholding) for the
European Defence Fund;
● The creation of a Cooperative Financial Mechanism (CFM) to augment the European
Defence Agency;
● The creation of a Coordinated Annual Review of Defence (CARD), a mechanism
which sees the EU offer financial incentives for adherence to EU planning over
member state defence budgets.

● An increased size, scope and infrastructure of the EU’s military intelligence agency
as a central ‘hub’;
● Participation in a 2019 EU Battlegroup under EU Council control. Approval given
pre-referendum. No confirmation from MOD about whether it is cancelled or
● Drop objections to Permanent Structured Cooperation (first version of permanent
military unification) by willing member states. MOD will not confirm whether the UK is
staying out or not.

● The reordering of EU agencies to include ‘permanent planning’ of EU defence
missions and a ‘coordinated military command chain’;
● The creation of a permanent military HQ with staff responsible for strategy and
operations. It was kept as a non-executive function of the EU, but executive power
over EU military developments rests with the EU Council and EU Commission;
● Drop its objections to the wordings that describe the new HQ (May 2017) because
previous approval in March 2017 had made later objections invalid.

● Participate in measures that apply to UK defence without the approval of Parliament,
nor even a debate;
● Participate in developing plans until at least March 2019, possibly March 2022 or
even longer;
● Provide the EU with several new powers over UK defence and a new bargaining chip
for the EU;
● Accept measures that mean a more complicated and time-consuming withdrawal
process that the UK didn’t face before the first of the EU Defence Union agreements
in November 2016;
● Provisional statements on PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) while
keeping open the prospect of UK participation in PESCO and the EU
Council-controlled EU Battlegroups in 2019.

Do you agree? We don't.



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So far since Brexit(rap)


  1. This is what happens when WE give other’s the ability to make decisions for us. No true accountability. No respect. Just TAKE. Yes, the corrupt ‘officials’ just do their own thing – they do not want Brexit and although they were shocked bu the majority voting for OUT, they regrouped and planned how to disrupt the process. Cameron falling on his sword and wanting the new PM to see it through (albeit a year later). You know the rest. Soon we will have foreign soldiers stopping civil unrest.

  2. The longer these Brexit negotiations take the more obvious it must seem to even those who voted to ‘Remain’ that the EU does not represent anyone but themselves – those who work within its offices – and are ruling as a multinational elite group, facist in every sense but without an army to stamp their authority…….. Obviously they now feel the need to put that right.

  3. No. Absolutely not. This is the continued objective of the New World Order. Each nation must maintain its unique individuality & remain sovereign to its own people. This move with overthrow Brexit. She is not a friend to the UK.

  4. NO!!! I served over 23 years in the army and I swore allegance to the monarch. I would never accept serving some parasitic beaurocrat in europe and I hope presently serving millitary all feel the same.

  5. Our Military signed up for Queen and Country! Not, to Serve For a Corrupt EU Government! We were taken into The EU Illegally by Ted Heath and We The People, Have Voted Democratically To Get Out Of This Undemocratic Club!!!
    Sharia May Seems To Have No Intention Of Taking Us Out Of This Elitists Club!!!

    • My first question is: Who would the soldier swear his oath of allegiance to, Queen or some foreign dictator of the unelected EU ? Then in the event of mob rule or anarchy. say in Italy or Greece or even Spain does that mean that British troops will be sent to quell the uprising knowing full well the number of European citizens that live in this country, this country would be torn apart by divided loyalties. I can understand us wanting to share intelligence with the EU as we do with the USA but to let a foreign have control of our Army is madness, We are British people proud British people and We want our country back, We demand to make our own laws , We demand to be in control of our own destiny, We have the finest judicial system in the world built up over hundreds of years of British history only to be given away by deceitful and treasonable men whose only object was self-interest and financial gain, Which comes back to your question Do I agree that a foreigh should be in control of the British Forces My answer is No No a thousand times NO

  6. The deceitful charade will continue by the Government as this is their game, this is what you do in politics. Nasty people, unrepresentative of the population at large. Must be brought to account for their actions by deselection. The last 50 years of this EU nonsense has torn the heart and soul out of this Country. Keith Riddle.

  7. Definitely no. No yard arms would be high enough if the UK government or any MPs or Lords handed over national defence to the European Union or any other foreign power.

  8. For 5 centuries this country has shed blood and treasure to defend freedom in Europe and rescue smaller nations from the mess they got into. It took us until 2006 to pay off the debt to the USA for the last war. Now it appears the whole bizz is starting again. Not only do we need Brexit NOW, we should be supporting populist and nation state movements across the Continent not talking about a ” deep and lasting relationship” with the EU tyrants.

  9. I pointed out years ago that being in the EU would result in an EU (German, Bulgarian, French or Romanian) admirals finger on the trigger of our nuclear forces. No one apparently thought that would happen but it is obviously bound to happen if we sign up our forces to the EU. The UK taxpayers have paid a lot of money to procure ans support our nuclear and other weapons and forces and yet we are going to give these away to the EU for nothing. In the meantime the arrogant EU is demanding that we give it £80 billion of taxpayers money before they will even START to talk about a trade deal. And this is to keep trading with a group of countries which has already cost us over a £1 trillion. WE have lunatics in polotics.

  10. The choices that th PM are all in the best for the EU unelected in Brussels. She has shown without a shadow of doubt that she works for them and has absolutely Nothing good for Britain and us Brits. She is an out and out traitor. She must be removed from office and stand on trial for treachery.
    NO way should we have a coalition army. Our own military forces should Be built up to today’s standards with all the modern artillery and weaponry enough to fight the EU army should things get that bad!

  11. I have three saying which are always in my mind….

    1) Our minds are like parachutes……
    They only work when they are OPEN !!

    2) Those who make excuses are rarely successful. Those who are successful NEVER make excuses !!

    3) If it’s to be it’s up to me !

    If only we all made sure number 3 was our motto, maybe England would not be in the mess it’s in !

  12. I am an ex soldier who has family who are where also military and NO 100% do not agree with the forced unification of our military forces, I swore an oath to protect my Queen, my country and its people against ALL enemies foreign and domestic and I will 100% uphold that oath, Brexit or blood!

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