Hello out there, I hope you are all staying strong and living life as much as possible.

I would like to speak about the shocking scenes we have all witnessed(unless you are completely off-grid), that have occurred in Catalonia and Las Vegas over the last few days.


Even if your dumb enough to believe confession #1

that a fat, balding, wealthy, recluse, with no training or motive, carried out an incredible rapid-fire sniper assault, with 2 assault rifles… at the same time… somehow with no recoil… not missing with a single bullet… wounding over 500 people…. and all in 3 minutes? Sounds familiar..


If so, then you still have to ask why he didn’t kill the target on stage, that would have brought him maximum notoriety ……


Or we can always go with confession #2

An ISIS Terror Cell, managed a huge ambush attack while dressed as security guards. You are also expected to believe that they are also huge fans of Country and Western music so purposely let the band, on stage, live…

Oh, and one of them was shot dead, outside of the hotel room where a cache of weapons and a dead fat white guy were found. But lets not talk about that bit eh….

Regardless of whoever it was the end result is the same and to avoid the shit-cloud, created by msm, we must only concentrate on these important points.

50 innocent Citizens dead(never forget that), 500 injured and many more traumatised. Everybody else is just left to contract more of “the fear” that will render us helpless in future attacks. Attacks that may involve you… and all you will have is the subliminal instructions that have been smuggled into your consciousness by these well produced snuff videos.

“Run!” “Run!” shouts the 12year old girl as she runs past the camera….  “oh when will we ban citizens from owning guns?” says the middle aged housewife to the TV Reporter…..  In short just curl up and wait for Big Bro to come moderate the issue, seems to be the message.


Jesus fucking H Christ!! What the hell happened there then??!!

Have I really just watched the Police, or Army, beat the shit out of HUNDREDS of men and women??

Did I really see an officer of the Law, jump in the air and stamp on a defenseless person who had already been dragged to the floor??!!

Is this a declaration of war??

As besides the fact that all these people want to do is play “The Game” and cast a democratic vote. It seems that even when you play by their rules, if you don’t answer the questions correctly, the man in the white coat will tell his deputy to shock you and neither of them will have to look you in the eye while doing it… Well, it appears we are reaching MAX voltage and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the deputies are still willing to flick the switch. So just like Las Vegas, while the injured parties heal their wounds the folk watching from the stands are left to absorb the underlying and more important message. Which in this case simply seems to be, look at how scary and brutal my soldiers are, all dressed in black like killer Ninjas!



I’m personally outraged at these images and so should everybody else. I’m not going to rant about how we should all be taking to the streets and demanding justice. We all know we should but very few do and even when numbers are high, very little changes and more than often it is blatantly ignored. But for those of us who are feeling more and more inclined to take the fight to the man, in the face of all of the fear mongering and subliminal mind fuckery. I say well done. I hope to be at your side when the time comes. Now we must admit that our numbers do not matter nor does our target to a certain extent but if we go in without giving it as much thought and recon as our opposite number has then we are doomed. I hope you all agree that the active participants to this Battle Royal are all hoping to gain the minds of the sheeple. Whomever it is that convinces the masses, will carry a huge advantage. Unfortunately we are well behind in this particular race.                  Fortunately however, we are the light and nothing travels faster than the speed of light. I think this is why the shock machine has been turned up to maximum. I think they know we will catch up and neutralise all of their mind fuckery. I think they see our numbers growing and as a warning, to us, they are showing us what we should fear. For those not in Lala land the masks have well and truly been dropped. They barely even try to hide their intentions and for those of us in #practicallawfuldissent neither do we anymore. So now we know what we are dealing with and now we have learned to ignore the bullshit, lets begin a constructive thread as to ideas people think we should consider when standing up against “The Man”. I have had a few thoughts about tactics that could be used so I’ll get the ball rolling….

  1. Protection-When attending any protest I would strongly advise using magazines under your clothes to protect your arms and legs from baton blows. Other protection should be considered for those at the front i.e groin protection, shin pads, bike helmet etc etc… We need to be prepared if we know we might be shot with rubber bullets or struck over the head with a club.
  2. Plan a building seizure the day after an event like Catalonia. At present we are not playing for the whole pot, just a large slice that will get us recognition so as I stated earlier the size or venue isn’t paramount and this gives us flexibility. As long as we have video footage of the event then we have the media outlets to distribute the results. If the police beat us then it will only strengthen our cause( if we could go back in time an use the public outrage in our favour it would make it harder for the man in the white coat and his deputy to carry out there torture) and show the corrupt police for who they truly are. If we gain access and seize the building then we get to report a huge success instead…
  3.  Go dressed like they do . Lets use what we know about our enemy against them. Their outfit is easily mimicked and I am sure it would cause them a huge headache.( in the case of a protest)
  4. Research basic counter attack skills. Disarming a foe is still self defence. I hold no intention of striking an officer as that would only incriminate myself. On the other hand I would be interested to see the reaction if we were to hold down an officer and remove his weapons, after which he would be let go. Under article61 those weapons are assets of the Crown and therefore can be lawfully seized. Again as long as this is recorded and we act lawfully then we can send it to media outlets. If you look at the Catalonia video where the police are clubbing the people next to the fence it is clear to see from the birds eye view that the police are massively out-numbered and totally surrounded. It would only have taken a sudden organised attack to easily hold and disarm all of the thugs in uniform.
  5. We should take the high ground and choose targets that are hard to police.
  6. We should be prepared to run at the danger and record as much as possible. The sad fact is we have been conditioned to be easy prey and now we are being conditioned to ignore the facts and just run away. When the next “terrorist act” happens in the UK I hope we can all use our great Scottish Brothers as inspiration for what to do when the Bogey-man appears

Well I hope I have given you food for thought. We are seeing a huge increase in violence against citizens. Before it was from false flag terror attacks but now it seems they are willing to go all-in and declare an un-lawful war of oppression with blatant disregard. This post should be taken as a huge warning for what is to come. We need to practice what we preach and start taking everything a lot more seriously. So when the time comes, what will you do….? And more importantly while we still have time, how do you think we should do it?


Peace and love to you and your

Rebel Dan



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